Passenger Car Tutorial- Heavyweight Cars

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a heavyweight passenger coach based upon Pullman Plan #2882-B; a paired-window coach built for the Baltimore & Ohio. This car is available from Walthers as item number 932-10110.

Start with a basic rectangle, a typical passenger car is 114x18 pixels. The basic rectangle should be 112x13 pixels and placed 2 pixels from the top of the car with 1 pixel on the ends of the car.
Now add the roof. The roof is actually three parts. Part 1 is 112x2 and covers the top of the rectangle made in Step 1. Part 2 is 110 px long and goes on top of part 1. Part 3 is 108 px long and goes on top of part 2.
Now add the doors and steps. You will need a darker color to add the steps and door outlines.
Now prepare to draw the underframe of the car by adding a dark colored line (gray is preferred) under the carbody. At this time add a line using the same color as the door outline 1 px from the roof and another line 3 px from that line, this will serve as the place where the windows will go.
Now the trucks go on. The trucks are either black or a very dark gray with gray pieces added. The trucks are six-wheel Pullman-Standard trucks.
Adding underframe components is a little tricky, but can be done. The color of the existing underframe piece will be used for pieces that would be placed under the aisle of the car, the color of the trucks will be used for outer parts of the underframe.
Now add the windows on the car body between the lines drawn in Step 4 and in the doors, your car will begin to take shape once this is done. At this time the diaphragms and couplers should be added and the steps and stepwells should be darkened to match prototype photos or Walthers' models of the car being drawn.
This is the completed GIF of the prototype car. Of course depending upon roadname and type of car being drawn, your result will vary. Now, we're not dome yet. save this as "AAR reporting mark/type of car/left.gif" (ex: BO2882-Bleft.gif)
Finally, mirror the image, then mirror the lettering on the car so that it faces the right direction. Save this replacing "left" with "right".

Now you have drawn a heavyweight passenger car from scratch. Again your car will vary from what was shown here. The next one is being planned for sometime during the summer and will be the Pullman-Standard Plan # 7484 Streamline Coach (Walthers 932-6780 series).

Questions, please e-mail me